The Hip Hop genre was born August 11, 1973
and while there are some people who may disagree with this timing, everyone can agree that Hip Hop has changed the world. I would challenge people who have never listened to Hip Hop to think about its effects on individuals, companies, sports, products, music and more – and the multiple cultures and societies it so greatly inspires.

I originally got involved in Hip Hop in the mid 80’s, and during that time, most thought that Hip Hop would fade out – much like disco. Instead, Hip Hop – like it’s cultural founders – has been resilient. From DJ KOOL HERC parties in 1973 to Lil Nas X’s Hip Hop country song in 2019, Hip Hop continues to evolve and change. The Hip Hop style can be seen in most advertising, videos, movies, TV and so many varied outlets that you wouldn’t normally pair with the genre. The Hip Hop culture has infiltrated everything from politics to sports. It has changed the face of fashion – with extremely successful lines from some of the biggest Hip Hop stars. Hip Hop personalities are also entrepreneurs, involved in all areas of business from alcohol to real estate, education to sports and much more. Hip Hop is everywhere – just look around! If you’ve seen the influence or have been impacted yourself by the reach and strength of the genre, please support “It’s a Hip Hop Life”!

The Digital Underground Family

From Top L-R Pee Wee, DJ Fuze, Big Money Otis, Shock G

Bottom L-R Shmoovy Shmoove, Humpty Hump, Money B, Tupac Shakur

Tupac, Atron, and Queen Latifah

In the dressing room before a show

Queen Latifah, Atron, and Slueth

 (Digital Underground's Road Manager)

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