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Atron Gregory is an entertainment business entrepreneur with executive producing and/or management credit on multiple multi platinum albums from Tupac Shakur, Digital Underground to Stanley Clarke and producing credits on four films including his soon to be released Tupac Shakur “Tha Early Years.” 

Atron was one of the West Coast Record distributors co-founders and co-managed the World Class Wrekin Cru’ (one of the pioneering groups of West Coast hip-hop) and was the tour manager for NWA as shown in the 2015 $200,000,000 million grossing film “Straight Outta Compton”. Atron has been responsible for and involved in creating ten’s of millions of dollars in film and music revenue for multi national corporations, and is considered one of the top 25 A&R’s in hip-hop history. (as stated in the book “The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip Hop”) Atron has been the named “The Manager of the Year” and has and does work with “Multi Grammy” award winning musical artist. He has also been mentioned in numerous books and documentary films. Many artist he has worked with have won and been nominated for various local, national and international awards.

In addition some of the companies and projects Atron either represents or is now a part of is Roxboro Entertainment owned by world renowned composer and bassist Stanley Clarke, Vir-Jon LLC owner of the Johnny “Guitar” Watson Catalog, “Living The Legend” reality TV show and is in the process of starting his own film and audio distribution company, these are just a few of the things he is involved in. In addition Atron has been speaking from California to China about entrepreneurship, the entertainment business and how learning instruments can help students with their education. His company is called New TNT Management.

Gregory "SHOCK G" Jacobs

Founding member of Digital Underground

"The business manager you want is the one where you can sleep at night with both eyes closed and not worry about things falling apart. That's who Atron is, if he takes you on as an artist, he's dedicated to your good future, in all ways.

Atron navigated Digital Underground through 10 years of good record deals, 25 years of lucrative performance deals, and 30 years of writer publishing contracts that were routed solid so that they still bear fruit today.

Was he the biggest baddest most powerful manager in the industry? No, at least not when we started but time has showed that the honest, hardworking person, committed to seeing your project through, is the better long-run choice.

A good relationship with someone you trust is crucial, and I believe in my heart that our beloved Tupac would've fared better had he stayed within the more patient & steady care that Atron provided, which did bring us both to platinum status as recording artists.

"[Shock G] is one of the few that makes sure of the people are taken care of and is concerned that people are getting paid for their samples," Clinton said of his disciple in an interview with Wax Poetic’s. "Same with Ice Cube. A lot of people don’t know, they just make the record and they don’t know nothing about the business and business form. They don’t care about your relationships with other people, so they don’t care about paying the other people. But shocked she is one of those ones that the paperwork was clear right from the get go."

In the above quote, George credits me with being good about writers' credit & finances, to which I'm grateful, but it's Atron who did the daily work to push the paperwork through correctly.

Hats off to Atron Gregory, TNT Records CEO, business manager extraordinaire!! We salute you sir!"

Stanley Clarke

Grammy-winning bassist, producer, composer 

"I have known Atron for many years. We met when he was working with the wonderful pianist Rodney Franklin. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of our business and the range of music genres he was totally comfortable with. He was totally professional!

Atron distinguished himself being part of the development of Hip-Hops greatest attack on the music industry and the world at large. He worked with NWA, Digital underground, Tupac Shakur etc.... It's a fair argument to say that some of these artists are the “Mount Rushmore” figures from Hip-Hop. These were not easy times. I think one of Atron strongest skills is that he is patient and extremely direct under fire.

Atron is the perfect individual that a young start up artist would be smart to be connected to, someone who is extremely patient but who has a sure hand. And is able guide this young person through the complexities of our business. And at the same time can manage the experienced Artist, who needs someone who is extremely intelligent on the subject of music and it’s business and understands what it took that artists to be where he or she is and has the knowledge to take that Artist into the future where he or she wants to be......."


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